Working with Snippets

Snippets are small chunks of text which can have fetured images and links that can be dropped into a region of a page/post. For example – ?? in the region bottom of the What we do page. Snippets are used for chunks of text that are called in to more than one page and for a parallax panel.

Making a new Snippet

  1. Choose New Snippet from the Admin Bar.
  2. In the field at the top enter the title.
  3. Using the Visual or Text editor enter your content
  4. Periodically click the Save draft button to save your changes as a draft.
  5. When your happy with the content click the blue Publish/Update button to save your changes.

Now go to a page/post you want to use the snippet on and use a Wingfinger Widget to display it or a shortcode in the content – repeat on other pages/posts as required.

NEED TO WRITE?????????????
Example of a shortcode shortcode_post ids=333 show_title=true style=membership which is enclosed in square brackets (which I can’t show here without WordPress executing the shortcode!). This code shows the following: