Newsletter : November 2011

Success to a point at the G20

Dear Supporter,

Great news! The G20 Summit in Cannes saw the emergence of a coalition of willing countries in support of the Robin Hood Tax including France, Germany, South Africa, Argentina and Brazil. The financial transaction tax (FTT) was specifically named in the G20 communiqué, which counts as a considerable success because some countries are still opposed. However, despite progress no extra money has yet been raised.  Now is a crucial time to keep up the campaigning and especially to lobby the UK government.

From a flash-mob of semi-undressed Robin Hoods protesting in Nice to an action against tax havens at the Monaco border, the Alternative G20 clearly put forward the message that governments need to prioritise the public over the financial elite.

Bill Nighy, a long-standing advocate of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, also took our agenda all the way to Cannes with the help of some heroic nurses.

The Stamp out Poverty blog has recently been launched and contains the most up-to-date information surrounding FTT issues, as well as what the team have been up to. It is available here:, and will soon be up on the website too.

Thank you and enjoy,

The Stamp out Poverty Team.

G20 Alternative Summit

The crowd present at the Alternative Summit was international and diverse – formed from activists and campaigners from around the world, mainly protesting about the links between the debt in the global south and the adverse effects that this is having on people everywhere from London to sub-Saharan Africa…

Bill Nighy supports the Robin Hood Tax in Cannes

Bill Nighy, a long-standing advocate of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, took our agenda all the way to the G20 in Cannes. The other Bill (Gates) also presented his excellent report advocating a Robin Hood Tax to G20 leaders as the solution needed in order to raise much needed revenue to meet the Millennium Development Goals…

Tax havens: 1% haven, 99% haven’t

Location: Cap, D’Ail, French-Monaco border

Purpose: Protest in favour of regulating tax havens – taxes are a social contract with society and by allowing companies to ‘creatively’ avoid them we are pushing developing countries further into poverty…

And finally, check out the brilliant FTT rap by MC Moneypenny ‘Tap Dat A$$et’ shot at Occupy Wall Street in New York.