Newsletter : June 2010

Osborne’s bank tax: will it hit the mark?

Stamp Out Poverty continues to play a lead role in the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Over 175,000 people have joined our Facebook group and more than a million have seen our videos.

With George Osborne set to announce the emergency Budget on 22 June we have taken over the billboards in Westminster tube station to send our message loud and clear to the new coalition government:

Tax rises such as VAT are regressive and will hit the poorest hardest. Having already committed to a bank tax, the government must now live up to its progressive rhetoric by ensuring this raises £20bn a year to help fight poverty and climate change at home and abroad.

New Chancellor faces big decisions

Whilst MPs will see our billboards on their way to work, we want your messages to be waiting for George when he opens his inbox. With only a few days to go until the emergency Budget there is still all to play for. Please take part in our 2 minute e-action.

Tights, Camera, Action

Sienna Miller introduces the competition to create your own bankbuster 60-90 sec film for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Director Richard Curtis, who is one of the competition judges, said: “We are looking for original and creative films that sell the idea of the Robin Hood Tax in new and exciting ways.” Click above to watch the video…

20 billion pounds more from UK financial sector possible

The Institute for Public Policy Research has published a new report that outlines how the UK financial sector can afford to pay 20 billion pounds in additional taxes. Such a move would be ‘progressive’ – falling on those most able to pay. This is in sharp contrast to a rise in VAT, widely predicted to be included in this month’s Budget, which is a ‘regressive’ measure that will hit the poorest hardest.