Newsletter : May 2010

Dear leaders: we want a robin hood tax

First up, a huge thank you to all those who donated to our election appeal.  It has made an incredibly important contribution to our work. It allows us to make as much noise as possible on behalf of our supporters at this crucial time.

With only a few days to go until polling day we need your help in what has to be the simplest e-action ever. Send an election arrow to party leaders and all your election candidates and let them know you want a Robin Hood Tax.


2-minute election action:

Once every five years it’s we who call the shots. Here’s how we can demand a fair tax on risky banks to raise billions for good causes here and abroad. If you do one thing: take 2 minutes to fire an election arrow. You will join thousands of others and the impact could be immense.

Robin Hood and the Politicians

UK political parties clamour to tax the banks. None other than the IMF has proposed not one, but two new bank levies. Its time to take stock.