Newsletter : May 2009

Welcome to our Action Update


At Stamp Out Poverty we can’t remember a time when so much was possible. With 55 countries about to meet in Paris to discuss solidarity levies, plans advanced to reach into the heart of the Obama administration and a motion before UK parliamentarians, we are asking you to take part in a unique ‘Month of Action’ to help turn this unprecedented opportunity into results.

We will be sending you 4 short and sharp actions in the coming weeks aimed at influencing key targets. Please take part in these actions – see the first one below.

Leading Group and Taskforce converge in Paris

Two of the most important initiatives to date on innovative finance will converge in Paris on 28th-29th May as leaders look to meet the funding gap needed to pay for basic health services in developing countries through mechanisms such as the Currency Transaction Levy.

Meeting the Costs of Climate Change

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new report: ‘Assessing the Alternatives’. Written by the new economics foundation it examines the alternative financing proposals required to meet the massive costs of climate change adaptation and mitigation. With support from organisations such as Oxfam, WWF and Friends of the Earth this important new report is both accessible and timely given the critical Copenhagen conference later this year.

Finland Steps Closer to a Currency Transaction Levy

Support is growing in the Finnish parliament for a Currency Transaction Levy. An intense lobbying campaign has brought cross-party support and calls for legislation.

ACTION: Task the Taskforce

The Taskforce, spearheaded by Gordon Brown (and reported above), is deliberating over which financial instruments can best plug the sizeable funding gap in the rollout of health systems globally. As their website says: “your views are critical in achieving real change in how global health systems can be improved” – so please let them know your views!

Click here to take part in the action.