Newsletter : January 2009

Welcome to Stamp Out Poverty

Welcome to our new look newsletter!

With the world's financial markets in turmoil, generating new money to safeguard development and combat climate change has made Stamp Out Poverty's work more relevant than ever. Who would have thought even a few months ago we would be asked to share a platform with the UN Secretary-General to speak on innovative financing. As well as stories to update you with the campaign, please take part in our action to Gordon Brown.

Anti-Poverty Conference – Highs and Lows

Stamp Out Poverty’s coordinator reports back from the recent UN summit in Doha where a campaign breakthrough was the highlight of a conference blighted by the intransigence of the out-going US administration.

Innovative Finance to Combat Climate Change

Poor communities in the developing world are hit hardest by the impacts of climate change, while they are the least responsible for the problem. Innovative finance mechanisms can provide the funds necessary for adaptation needs. Oxfam explains how…

Secrets of the financial crisis revealed

“Think of the world economy as a giant hovercraft, borne aloft on a cushion of debt and then the motors, the fans, stop working, and that’s what has happened”. These words launched a landmark seminar on the financial crisis.

 ACT NOW: Call time on global greed

Stamp Out Poverty has joined forces with an alliance of anti-poverty and environmental groups to demand fundamental reform of the global economic system, a system which has fuelled the most serious financial crisis for 80 years.

We are asking our supporters to sign a petition demanding that Gordon Brown call time on a reckless and unregulated economic system.  With the next G20 Summit confirmed to take place in London on 2 April 2009, we want to show world leaders that enough is enough – we need an economic system that puts people and the planet first.

Please ACT NOW.