Stamp Out Poverty Campaign : Summer Update 2008


Welcome to our Summer Update – there is much to update you with.

The most important Conference to combat poverty since 2002 is taking place in November and ‘Innovative Finance’ will feature strongly. From major progress in Japan to principal reasons for the food crisis, our new look update puts the spotlight on a range of subjects including the recent G8 Summit and next month’s Millennium Development Goals conference in New York.

We hope you find it interesting and motivating and that you will take the quick and easy action below.


Most important Anti-Poverty Summit for 6 years – News

The most important high-level meeting to combat poverty for 6 years takes place in a few months time presided over by UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. The lives of millions of people will be affected by its outcome. Stamp Out Poverty is centrally involved having recently addressed specialist UN sessions and spoken alongside the Secretary-General’s newly-appointed Special Representative on Innovative Finance. Find out why Stamp Out poverty’s disappointment with the UK Government has shifted our focus to the international stage where progress is happening both at the UN and in Japan (see below). For article – click here.


Japan considers Currency Levy – TAKE ACTION

On July 27th the Japanese government launched discussions on the possibility of introducing a Currency Transaction Development Levy (CTDL) to help fund assistance programmes in developing countries. To find out more please click here.

Please Take Action now to encourage the Japanese Government to join the ‘Leading Group’ of countries working on Innovative Finance. This would boost the chances of their introducing the CTDL.


Food Crisis

The widespread increase in food prices is currently being widely reported across the UK and around the world. Food prices increased by 40% in 2007 and the dramatic rise has continued in the first few months of 2008. These soaring food costs hit poorer people hardest, since they spend a much higher proportion of their income on food. There are five key reasons for the price rises, one of which is the tenfold growth of speculative trading in agricultural commodities over the last year. The five key factors behind these increases are concisely set out in this Guardian article. Stamp Out Poverty has historically spoken of the dangers of speculative activity contributing to poverty. To learn more about the catastrophic effects of increased food prices in East Africa, read Oxfam’s description here.


The G8 2008

This years G8 summit, which took place in Hokkaido Toyako in Japan, is now all over. The desks have been cleared. The floors have been swept. The helicopters have departed but what came of the meeting of the eight most powerful people in the world. Although greeted with mixed reactions by the development community, world leaders are increasingly recognising the need for innovative sources of finance. To find out more please click here.


Major Millennium Development Goals event in New York in September

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, will attend a major event on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at UN Headquarters in New York on 25 September 2008. At the halfway point to 2015, progress has been made, but urgent and increased efforts are needed to meet the Goals. World leaders will review progress towards achieving the MDGs, identify gaps, and commit to concrete efforts, resources and mechanisms to bridge the gaps. To find out more, click here.


Stamp Out Poverty in the News

There have been several news articles recently speaking favourably about the Currency Transaction Tax. These have included ‘Financial markets tax could aid world’s poor’ by Harvey Moss which appeared in the Financial Times and ‘$ 40 bn shortfall in Africa aid endangers 5 million lives’ by Tracy McVeigh which was published by the Observer.


50 Global Days of Action Against Poverty and Inequality

This autumn Stamp Out Poverty will take part in activities designed to push the issue of poverty back up the political agenda. Regrettably, since end of 2005 international development and overseas aid have declined as an area of importance for decision makers both in the UK and abroad. It is now time to act!

The 50 days of activity around the world is being organised by the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) – the international Make Poverty History campaign. From 1 September to 20 October 2008, millions will be linking up in the North and South to put pressure on political leaders and global institutions to take urgent action on the Millennium Development Goals, climate change, gender equality, debt, aid and trade justice. There are going to be hundreds of events happening in the UK alone including a Climate Change action organised by Christian Aid on 15 October and Oxfam’s launching of a report on food prices on World Food Day, 16 October, drawing attention to the global crisis and the impact it is having on the world’s poorest people. For a full line up of events please click here. The campaign will end on the 17 – 19 of October when millions of people from the North and South attempt to break the world record for the most number of people to stand against poverty in one day.

Take part: Stamp Out Poverty is joining with the Jubilee Debt Campaign to put on an ‘Economic Justice’ Conference taking place on Saturday 11 October. Please put this date in your diary. We will send you more details about this informative and motivating day closer to the time.


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