Our History

Stamp Out Poverty was founded in 2006 to campaign for new and additional sources of finance to fight poverty and climate change at home and abroad.

We helped create the political space for initiatives such UNITAID, principally funded by a small levy on airline tickets, which has generated more than $3billion for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria treatments in the Global South.

Stamp Out Poverty is one of the founding members of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, calling for a small tax on the transactions of financial firms to raise billions for public services and global development. We coordinate the campaign in the UK – a coalition of more than 100 UK organisations – work with campaigns across Europe and further afield.

Our work has led to the introduction of the tax in France and Italy; negotiations for a regional EU tax by ten member states including Germany, France, Italy and Spain; and the adoption of the Robin Hood Tax as Labour Party policy in the UK and Democratic Party policy in the US.

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Take Action!

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