How to make polluters pay

It’s time to make the polluters pay for the damage they cause.

It’s time for the Climate Damages Tax.

The fossil fuel industry has made huge profits from driving climate change – and has campaigned to hide the science for decades – leaving the poorest countries around the world to pay the cost of climate devastation. We have a big opportunity in 2019 to make progress.

‘Those who gain from the activities that created climate change are not the ones directly suffering its consequences… Imagine if the only people who had to pay for car insurance were those who were hit, and those that did the hitting paid nothing… This is untenable, indefensible and reprehensible.

Avinash Persaud, Advisor to the Governments of Dominica and Barbados

Join us in calling for the Climate Damages Tax

A Smart Solution: The Climate Damages Tax

The Climate Damages Tax (CDT) would place a tax on the fossil fuel industry for each tonne of coal, oil or gas they extract.

Starting at a low rate and increasing every year, the CDT would raise billions for countries devastated by climate change.

It would raise billions more to help pay for the transition to green energy, transport and jobs, and contribute to the phasing out of fossil fuels by 2050.

In its first year, the CDT would raise millions from fossil fuel extraction in the UK for the shift to green energy, transport and jobs at home


The fossil fuel industry would be obliged to pay – and the systems to collect this money are already in place.

A growing number of countries are calling for the CDT – led by island states such as Dominica and Vanuatu – alongside environmentalists like George Monbiot and Naomi Klein, and green groups, charities and faith organisations all over the world.

Click here for the list of the CDT’s earliest supporters

2019 is crucial

At the end of this year, after half a decade of delay and indecision, politicians from all over the world are meeting to agree on how to pay for climate devastation.

Only with public pressure from people like you will our politicians listen, and make the polluters pay.

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