Published 18/10/17   4:09PM

What could our world leaders really be doing to end poverty?  

  Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The theme for this year’s commemoration is centred on the


Published 6/7/17   5:46PM

50+ Financiers Call on EU Leaders Say: No More Delays on Robin Hood Tax!

More than 50 financiers have come out in support of the financial transactions tax (i.e. Robin Hood Tax, FTT), arguing that it will reduce financial


Published 16/5/17   3:47PM

Labour Pledges to Introduce Robin Hood Tax

Labour have announced they will modernise the current Stamp Duty on shares to bring in an extra £26 billion over the course of the parliament.


Published 13/3/17   4:33PM

City think-tank calls for an FTT

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget backtracked on his Party’s election pledge not to raise National Insurance.

At the same time as hitting the self-employed, he is not listening to a City think-tank which is calling to tax the banking sector more.


Published 1/12/16   5:11PM

FTT could end AIDS in 15 years

It’s World AIDS Day-Sophie Baillon from Coalition PLUS explains the important role of the European Financial Transactions Tax (EU FTT) in funding the fight to end HIV/AIDS by 2030.


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Take Action!

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