Published 16/10/18   5:03PM

The Crash that Shook the World

Some of the world’s poorest countries were hit hard by the financial crash and are still struggling to recover. For us to really fight poverty


Published 25/5/18   5:30PM

When will the world’s polluters start paying for their mess?

Ministers from climate vulnerable countries support for the call for a Climate Damages Tax to fill the growing need for loss and damage finance –


Published 19/4/18   3:44PM

It's time to make the Polluter Pay

David Powell, Environment Lead at New Economics Foundation, reflects on the launch of the Climate Damages Tax. Read David’s blog at NEF here.

Published 16/4/18   3:00PM

Climate Damages Tax Campaign launched

Watch the Climate Damages Tax launch here! The Climate Damages Tax campaign launch was held in London on April 16th, with Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party


Published 1/12/17   4:46PM

Is a tax on banks the answer to ending AIDS by 2030?

Globally, every year, there is a $7bn funding hole in the HIV response. We need to take action now to meet the target of ending


Take Action!

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Take Action!

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