What we do

Stamp Out Poverty has been working since 2005 on new and innovative sources of finance to fight poverty and climate change at home and abroad.

We helped create the political space for new funding initiatives, such UNITAID and the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm), which between them have now generated more than $3billion for vaccination and treatment of HIV/Aids, TB and malaria in the developing world.

Stamp Out Poverty is one of the founding members of the Robin Hood Tax campaign, a coalition of more than 100 UK organisations (including Oxfam, Unite and War on Want) working towards the implementation of Financial Transactions Taxes (FTTs). FTTs are small levies (between 0.5% and 0.005%) on the trading of stocks, bonds, derivatives and foreign exchange carried out by financial institutions (not individuals).

The demand of the Robin Hood Tax campaign that the financial sector should pay a modest financial transaction tax going forward is practical, just and timely and should be adopted by decision makers across the political spectrum.

Stamp Out Poverty also coordinates the Climate Damages Tax Campaign, calling on the fossil fuel industry to pay for the damage caused to vulnerable countries by climate change.

Just 90 companies are responsible for two thirds of historic carbon emissions – we believe it’s time for the polluters to pay up. This small tax on fossil fuels at the point of extraction would raise billions to cover the increasing costs of unavoidable loss and damage in developing countries, from super-charged storms, extreme droughts, sea-level rises and desertification.



Take Action!

Support the Robin Hood Tax campaign – visit the website to find out how you can get involved.

Important news

Labour Pledges to Introduce Robin Hood Tax

Labour have announced they will modernise the current Stamp Duty on shares to bring in an extra £26 billion over the course of the parliament.