Our staff

David Hillman – Director

David Hillman learnt campaigning leading grassroots efforts in the UK to end Apartheid before going on to work on the campaigns to ban landmines and drop the debt and has considerable experience of bringing together the efforts of numerous non-Governmental actors to achieve change.

Since 2005, he has led work for the Financial Transactions Tax and in February 2010 helped create the Robin Hood Tax campaign, a network of more than 100 UK charities, trade unions, faith organisations and green groups.

Laurey Boughey – Policy and Research Officer

Laurey has been involved with the work of Stamp Out Poverty for several years, joining our staff in early 2018 to provide analysis and advocacy support across our work on the Financial Transactions Tax, Climate Damages Tax and Innovative Sources of Finance for Development.

They have spent the past five years working with various UK NGOs on innovative financing models and financial reform, and have undertaken postgraduate research into the interaction between financial development, economic and social development.

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Important news

Labour Pledges to Introduce Robin Hood Tax

Labour have announced they will modernise the current Stamp Duty on shares to bring in an extra £26 billion over the course of the parliament.